Ezine #12

No.12. June 2013. Ryanair May Have to Reduce Aer Lingus Shareholding; Competition Commission Prohibits Eurotunnel Dover Ferry Service; In Competition Cases Decision-makers Matter.

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Ezine #11

February 2013. EU Commission Blocks Latest Ryanair Bid for Aer Lingus; US Appeals Court Rules on Loyalty Rebates; Grocery Prices – Much Ado About Nothing; Budget 2013 – Unfair to Wine Drinkers?

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Ezine #10

No.10. October 2012. Irish Competition Law at 21; National Transport Authority Faces Key Test; OFT Refers Cross Channel Transport Merger to Competition Commission.

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Ezine #9

No.9. July 2012. 2012 Act introduces new legally binding court orders; Scottish Electricity Transmission Arrangements Satisfy EU Unbundling Requirements; Rule Amendment Allows Showjumping Ireland to Clear Competition Hurdle.

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Ezine #8

No.8. February 2012: Troika’s New Year Gifts for Competition Authority; Government Proposals on State Asset Sales; Competition Authority’s Enforcement Decision on TV Advertising.

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Ezine #7

No.7. November 2011: Competition Law Lessons from Rugby’s Late Conversion; Review of Irish Merger Cases; What Has 20 Years of Irish Competition Policy Achieved?

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Ezine #6

No.6. July 2011: Civil Fines Proposal Requires Informed Debate; UK Government Consults on Competition Law Reforms; Plans to Introduce Competitive Tendering for Household Waste Collection.

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Ezine #5

No.5. March 2011: Proposed Reform of State Aid Rules for Services of General Economic Interest; Analysis of UK Retail Merger Cases; Legal Services Reform on Both Sides of the Border.

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Ezine #4

No.4. November 2010: OFT Investigation of Ryanair’s Aer Lingus Shareholding Not Surprising; UK Appeal Court Upholds Decision to Break-up UK Airports; The End of the Line for SSNIP Test?

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Ezine #3

No.3. July 2010: Court Upholds Prohibition of Ryanair/Aer Lingus Merger; Broadcast Proposal Could Harm Irish Rugby; Is There a Doctor in the House? Competition Authority Report on GMS.

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