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New Zealand: Market Liberalisation in a Developed Economy

London, Macmillan Press, 1995.

Copies available here from Palgrave Macmillian.

Competition Law And Policy In Ireland

Cork, Oak Tree Press, 1996.

Competition law and policy in Ireland Book -Co-Author Patrick Massey - Compecon

Competition And Regulation In Ireland The Law And Economics

Cork, Oak Tree Press, 2003.

Chapters in Books

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Rugby’s Celtic Fringe Goes Global: An Economic Analysis of the Pro-14, Sport, Business & Management, April 2022 (co-authored with Vincent Hogan). Click here to obtain a copy of this paper.

Articles Published in Competition

Massey argues in defence of Authority’s Woodchester Decision, address to Foundation for Fiscal Studies, Trinity College Dublin, 19th November 1992. Reproduced in Competition Vol. 2(1), 1992-93, pp.16-19. Click here to view.

The View of the Competition Authority, address to seminar on Restraint of Trade and Employee Covenants, Irish Centre for Commercial Law Studies, University College Dublin, 7th October 1993. Reproduced in Competition Vol.3(3), 1993-94, pp.59-62. Click here to view.

The New Competition Law Enforcement Regime, address to Irish Centre for European Law Conference, Westbury Hotel Dublin, 9th April 1997. Reproduced in Competition, Vol.6(1), 1996-97, pp.15-18. Click here to view.

Criminal investigation and prosecution of cartels should be normal task for Garda, Vol.10(5), 2000-01, pp.133-136 (co-authored with Daragh Daly). Click here to view.

Its the Structure – Stupid! Turf wars over Utilities, between sectoral regulation and competition law miss the point, Vol.10(6), 2000-01, 174-176. Click here to view.

Act places economic analysis at heart of merger assessment, Vol.11(3), 2001-02, pp.73-75. Click here to view.

Speedier & fuller publication of merger decisions, Vol.11(7), 2001-02, pp.187-190. Click here to view.

The Authority’s curious proposal for a Declaration on LPG, Vol.11(8), 2001-02, pp.222-226. Click here to view.

Trust us we’re regulators: Why civil fines in competition cases are a bad idea, Vol.12(2), 2002-03, pp.41-44. Click here to view.

Vertical Agreements: Further Authority guidelines would cut compliance costs and risks, Vol.12(7), 2002-03, pp.167-168. Click here to view.

Authority ‘decision’ against Statoil’s pricing strategy poses problems, Vol.12(10), 243-246, (co-authored with Daragh Daly). Click here to view.

The curious case of the dog that didn’t bark, Vol.13(8), 2003-04, 161-163. Click here to view.

Assessing EU Commission’s draft non-horizontal merger guidelines, Vol.14(10), 2004-06, pp.220-222. Click here to view.

Authority’s first efficiency analysis (in Kerry-Breeo) cause of serious concern, Vol.16(7), 2008, pp.158-162. Click here to view.

Authority still vertically challenged on LPG, Vol.17(2), 2010, pp.37-39. Click here to view.

Why the Competition Authority needs a Chief Economist, Vol.18(1), 2012-13, pp.7-10. Click here to view.

Evidence shows that nearly half of [EU] merger decisions were unreliable, Vol.18(6), 2012-13, pp.162-166. Click here to view.

Working Papers

(Not Published Elsewhere)

Measuring the Impact of the Competition Act, Trinity Economic Papers, Policy Paper No.3, May 1995 (co-authored with Paula O’Hare).

The Future of the Irish Electricity Industry, Competition Authority Discussion Paper No.3, 1997.

The Treatment of Vertical Restraints under Competition Law, Competition Authority Discussion Paper No. 4, 1997.

The Natural Gas Market in Ireland, Competition Authority Discussion Paper No.5, 1998 (co-authored with Tony Shortall).

Competition and Regulation in Public Utility Industries, Competition Authority Discussion Paper No.7, 1999 (co-authored with Tony Shortall).

Late Conversion: The Impact of Professionalism on European Rugby Union, UCD School of Economics Working Paper WP/11/18, September 2011 (co-authored with Vincent Hogan & Shane Massey). Click here to download.

Professional Rugby on the Celtic Fringe, UCD School of Economics Working Paper WP/20/03, January 2020 (co-authored with Vincent Hogan). Click here to download.

Different Strokes: Winning Strategies in Women’s (and Men’s) Big Bash Cricket, UCD School of Economics, Working Paper WP23/30, December 2023 (co-authored with Vincent Hogan). Click here to download.

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