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Our news archive pages summarise key competition and regulatory developments on an annual basis since 2011. For previous years see our Newsletters and E-Zines below.

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#1 January, 2010

  • Missing the Bus on Reform – The Public Transport Regulation Act, 2009.
  • CER Seeks Views on Removing Electricity Price Control.
  • Eircom Agrees to ComReg Unbundling Order.

#2 April 2010.

  • ECJ Strikes Down Ireland’s Minimum Price Regime for Tobacco.
  • No Hill of Beans – Oireachtas Committee Report on Grocery Sector.
  • Royal Bank of Scotland Fined for Information Sharing.

#3 July 2010

  • Court Upholds Prohibition of Ryanair/Aer Lingus Merger.
  • Broadcast Proposal Could Harm Irish Rugby.
  • Is There a Doctor in the House? Competition Authority Report on GMS.

#4 November 2010

  • OFT Investigation of Ryanair’s Aer Lingus Shareholding Not Surprising.
  • Appeal Court Upholds Decision to Break Up UK Airports.
  • End of the Line for SSNIP Test?

#5 March 2011

  • Proposed Reform of State Aid Rules for Services of General Economic Interest.
  • Analysis of UK Retail Merger Cases.
  • Legal Services Reform on Both Sides of the Border.

#6 July 2011

  • Civil Fines Proposal Requires Informed Debate.
  • UK Government Consults on Competition Law Reforms.
  • Plans to Introduce Competitive Tendering for Household Waste Collection..

#7 November 2011

  • Competition Law Lessons from Rugby’s Late Conversion.
  • Review of Irish Merger Cases.
  • What has 20 Years of Irish Competition Law Achieved?

#8 February 2012

  • Troika’s New Year Gifts for Competition Authority.
  • Government Proposals on State Asset Sales.
  • Competition Authority’s Enforcement Ruling on TV Advertising

#9 July 2012

  • 2012 Act introduces new legally binding court orders.
  • Scottish Electricity Transmission Arrangements Satisfy EU Unbundling Requirements.
  • Rule Amendment Allows Show Jumping Ireland Clear Competition Hurdle.

#10 October 20212

  • Irish Competition Law at 21.
  • National Transport Authority Faces Key Test.
  • OFT Refers Cross Channel Transport Merger to Competition Comission.

#11 February 2013

  • EU Commission Blocks Latest Ryanair Bid for Aer Lingus.
  • US Appeals Court Rules on Loyalty Rebates.
  • Grocery Prices – Much Ado About Nothing.
  • Budget 2013 – Unfair to Win Drinkers?

#12 June 2013

  • Ryanair May Have to Reduce Aer Lingus Shareholding.
  • Competition Commission Prohibits Eurotunnel/Dover Ferry Service Merger.
  • In Competiton Cases Decision Makers Matter.


2001 – 2008

Competition Bill 2001 – Summary of Key Proposals.

CFI Overturns Commission Decision on Airtours/First Choice Merger

Economics at the Core of New Merger Control Regime.

Customers Should Be Very Afraid of Stamp Price Increases.

EU Commission May Red Card English Premier League TV Deal.

  • Appeals Panel Overturns Second ComReg Decision.
  • Groceries Order To Go.
  • Not Proven – Verdict on the Competition Authority Report on the Legal Profession.
  • Green Light for Ticket Distribution Arrangements.
  • DG Comp Proposes Reform of Article 82.
  • Competition Authority Looks at Medical Fees.
  • Another Commission Merger Decision Overturned by CFI.
  • Government Seeks Views on Regulatory Appeals.
  • Authority Loses BIDS High Court Action.
  • Finally Over – ECJ Judgement Signals the End of the Ice Cream Wars.
  • Delayed Indefinitely – Regulatory Reform of the Irish Bus Industry.
  • Predatory Pricing – Analysis of CFI Judgement in France Telecom.
  • UK Appeals Court Overturns Excessive Pricing Ruling.
  • Energy Green Paper Shuns Competitive Reforms.
  • Supreme Court Upholds Appeal by Irish League of Credit Unions.
  • US Supreme Court to Decide on Resale Price Maintenance.
  • Merger Analysis by the Competition Authority.
  • CFI Increases Fine in Cartel Case.
  • UK Competition Commission Removes Bank Price Controls.
  • OFT Announces First UK Criminal Cartel Prosecution.

Special Topic Airline Mergers and Airport Competition.

  • A Tale of Two Airline Mergers – Contrasting Decisions from the OFT.
  • Airport Competition – UK Competition Commission Publishes “Emerging Thinking” Report.
  • Grounded – Analysis of EU Commission Decision in Ryanair/Aer Lingus.
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